Apr. 4th, 2017

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So there are a large number of posts recently about people leaving LJ and moving to DW. And I totally understand, especially in light of recent events both here on LJ and in the world in general. LJ belonging to the Russians is probably not an exactly safe space to be in. Which I find horribly sad for multitude of reasons.

The thing is, I'm afraid I'll never figure DW out. Most of those who know me, know that anything remotely tech is something I struggle with. I barely had LJ figured out, then I left and now it is tres, tres different from when I was here before. Let me tell you if it wasn't for the cute little visual editor icons, I'm not sure I could remember how to post.

Then again since LJ is requiring a relearning, maybe I should go ahead and learn DW instead, or at least along with.

I'll let you all know what I ultimate decide.
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"President Donald Trump has signed a repeal of internet privacy rules despite criticism that it threatens to undermine online safety and enable unconstitutional mass surveillance.

The overturning of the Obama-era privacy protections, which was supported by Congress in a March 28 vote, will allow internet providers to share personal information with advertisers and other third parties without consumer consent."

Our Internet Providers, AT&T and Comcast and Charter, or whoever you use, Can Sell your Browsing history, including your online banking history. And they don't even have to tell you who they are selling it to, or even that they are doing so.

Original source material: http://www.newsweek.com/trump-internet-privacy-bill-fcc-578718
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I'm here. Not sure how active I'm going to be, but I'm here.


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