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I just finished my [profile] cross_genfic and I've struggled with the more intimate parts of the fic. I've written two versions of the sex bits, and I'm not at all sure which one is best. I'm looking for the one that will give the reader the most feels. After having written and read it so many times, I'm all out of feels. LOL.

Would someone be willing to read the two versions and just tell me which one they would prefer? No betaing would be involved, (unless you can't let a comma error pass you by without the need to correct it) and you don't even have to read the entire thing. Just this bit.

It would really help me out.

Oh, and in other news: Banners for [community profile] party_4_potterare being worked on, and should be revealed soon.

I'm rather excited about this!
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I'm trying to kickstart my writing gene, as it seems to be MIA, except there hasn't been any action to go missing from.

I was thinking about trying to fill some of the prompts from the Anywhere but the Bed comment fest, only I don't know if that's allowed since the deadline to fill them is long past. But they're ones that should be able to be filled in a relatively short number of words. So can some one tell me, is that allowed.

If not, if anyone would like to give me some fairly simple prompts, that would be lovely. You're welcome to give me pairings too, if you'd like. I'm pretty much all slash all the way, but I'm open to trying any and all slash pairings.

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